The Eight Most Important Rules for Surviving in Prison

Are you or anyone you know facing a prison sentence? Or, are you fascinated with true stories about prison? If so, The Eight Most Important Rules for Surviving in Prison is for you! To read it, CLICK HERE. “Vote up” and share it if you like it.

I Don’t Need God … or Do I?

I do not see any evidence of God’s existence, so why should I believe in Him. Not to mention, I do not have any need for God in my life. I have a good job, a home and a family. I am a good a person. I am honest and I help those who are in need. Surely, if there is a Heaven, God will allow me into it. I deserve it.

These are questions that I was confronted with about the existence of God and the need for Him in our life. See how I answered them, CLICK HERE. “Vote up” and share it if you like it!

Is Praying to the Cross Idolatry in the Name of Jesus?

Once believers were deceived into praying to a golden calf in the name of the Lord. Severe consequences  resulted. Now the deception has become more subtle, they do   it to a cross in the name of Jesus! Is there really much of a difference? How did this happen? To read more about it, CLICK HERE.

Why I Left the Roman Catholic Church

If you have your doubts about the Roman Catholic Church, have I got an article for you! I am a former Catholic, but many beliefs and practices of the church led me to finally leave it. Some of these revolve around the Pope claiming titles that belong to God alone, scandals of the priesthood, idol worshiping, unbiblical  forms of baptism, and changing the Word of God. To read more about this, CLICK HERE.

Don’t be Such a Thinnophobe!



1. n. A range of negative attitudes and feelings towards thin people and people who are identified as or perceived as being too thin.


1. n. One with an irrational fear of thin people. For the most part, these people seem to have little actual experience with being thin.

We fear what we do not understand.

– My Definitions

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Interview with Pawel – Life in England


An interview I conducted of a friend living in England. Pawel has Polish origins, but he has lived in worked in London, England and Birmingham, England for a total of six years. He answers questions about his life and experiences living and working in England.