I Hate Religion but Love Jesus – Total Contradiction

In his massively viral You Tube video poem, Spoken Words claims Jesus came to abolish religion. But didn’t He establish Christianity? Last time I checked, that was a religion. He also claims Jesus called religious people fools. However, I don’t remember reading that in the Bible. There are many other things which I do not agree with in this poem, as well. They just don’t line up with the Bible and common sense. CLICK HERE to read about them!

The Road to Ruin – Pt. 17 – Gays in Prison

Pt. 17 of my series entitled: “The Road to Ruin”. True stories about my experiences with drugs, crime and prison. This hub discusses homosexuality in prison. Some people are worried about being raped in prison; however, there’s no need to fear because plenty of men are more than willing to have sex! CLICK HERE to read it! Share it with your friends!

The Road to Ruin – Pt. 16 – Prisoners Gone Wile

Fascinatingly true stories about prison life. This hub discusses two prisoners that got into a brutal fight over a game of dominoes, an inmate who started out with a three year sentence but ended up getting 25 to life while on the inside, and a prisoner who stabbed a guard to death.  CLICK HERE to read it!