The Road to Ruin – Pt. 18 – Prison Christians

True stories about crime, prison and conversion to Christianity. Learn about some of the challenges that Christians face in prison. CLICK HERE to read! Please share it with your friends!


I Hate Religion but Love Jesus – Total Contradiction

In his massively viral You Tube video poem, Spoken Words claims Jesus came to abolish religion. But didn’t He establish Christianity? Last time I checked, that was a religion. He also claims Jesus called religious people fools. However, I don’t remember reading that in the Bible. There are many other things which I do not agree with in this poem, as well. They just don’t line up with the Bible and common sense. CLICK HERE to read about them!

The Road to Ruin – Pt. 17 – Gays in Prison

Pt. 17 of my series entitled: “The Road to Ruin”. True stories about my experiences with drugs, crime and prison. This hub discusses homosexuality in prison. Some people are worried about being raped in prison; however, there’s no need to fear because plenty of men are more than willing to have sex! CLICK HERE to read it! Share it with your friends!

The Road to Ruin – Pt. 16 – Prisoners Gone Wile

Fascinatingly true stories about prison life. This hub discusses two prisoners that got into a brutal fight over a game of dominoes, an inmate who started out with a three year sentence but ended up getting 25 to life while on the inside, and a prisoner who stabbed a guard to death.  CLICK HERE to read it!