2. West 7th Street

Click on the picture to read the latest hub in my testimony of a life of drugs, crime, prison and life-changing conversion. In this hub, I write about my experiences of growing up on West 7th Street in Antioch, CA. I was exposed to drugs and violence, which would influence my life and lead me to later on get arrested by the DEA for drug trafficking and gun possession.

Delivered from Death

Click on the picture to read, “Delivered from Death”. The first part in series of hubs in which I will be discussing my life of rebellion, dabbling in the Occult, drugs, crime, prison and life-changing conversion through Jesus Christ. In this hub, I will discuss the many times that I have survived near-death experiences, and how I believe that God was watching over me because He had better plans for my life.

Sandomierz, Poland Cemetery

Video and pictures I took of the Sandomierz, Poland cemetery, with narration. I discuss the difference between Polish and American cemeteries. I also talk about a Polish holiday called Święto Zmarłych (Day of the Dead), which is celebrated in honor of the deceased in Poland. It is a national Catholic holiday.

“Ke$ha – Die Young” is Evil

Ke$ha – Die Young is full of subliminal Occultism and images associates with Witchcraft, Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Satanism and homosexuality, lesbianism and bisexuality. These images include the hexagram, the pentagram, the Eye of Horus, AKA, All-Seeing Eye of Lucifer; skull and bones, upside down (or inverted) cross.

Esther and the Mark of the Beast

CLICK HERE to watch my YouTube video vlog about how the book of Esther in the Bible parallels end time events surrounding the mark of the beast!

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Top 7 Free Jailbroken iPhone Tweaks – 2012

The top 7 free jailbroken iPhone tweaks that I discuss in this video are:

1. NoLockScreen from BigBoss
2. Auto Protect from ModMyi
3. Delete Word from BigBoss
4. Double At from BigBoss
5. Fast Copy from BigBoss
6. HomePage from BigBoss
7. ManualCorrect from BigBoss

All of these tweaks can be downloaded from the Cydia store under Sections / Tweaks. Or, you can look them up using Search.