The Fool Says There is No God

Creation-GodPsalm 53:1:

The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God.

Why does the Bible call people who deny the existence of God foolish? It is because God has provided an abundant amount of evidence for Himself. For example, everything in existence works by complex design and irreducible complexity. If it has been designed, that means there must be a designer; and that designer is God.

Also, let’s not forget about the life of Jesus and the Word of God, the Bible. Jesus came to our world 2,000 years ago to reveal to this rebellious planet the character and love of God. His life and ministry so impacted history that a large amount of its inhabitants now call themselves Christians—followers of Christ.

About the Bible: there is no other book like it in existence. It is historically accurate, full of practical wisdom; and nothing compares to its numerous fulfilled prophecies.

God is real. It is foolish to think otherwise. The only reason for someone to deny the existence of God, in my opinion, is because they don’t want to live according to His Word.

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