How to Connect your PC to Your LCD TV with a VGA Cable

This video demonstrates how to connect your PC to your LCD TV using a VGA cable. This is a full installation, dealing also with the installation of the 3.5mm audio cable. I also explain what to do if your audio cable has RCA ends. An adapter is necessary in this case. In addition, I troubleshoot low volume problems in Windows 7.

How to Fix a Broken Ethernet Cable with Masking Tape – Free & Easy!

This is a video showing how I fixed my ethernet cable with masking tape. This is a quick and practically free repair if you just have some masking tape laying around. This way, you don’t have to buy a new ethernet cable every time that cheap plastic hook which is designed to hold it in place breaks off (this happened to me twice). Moreover, this fix is good for as long as you keep your cable plugged into your ethernet port. The more you unplug it, of course, the more the masking tape will wear off. However, replacing it is practically free, anyway.

RE: Pareto Logic PC Health Advisor

How Pareto Logic PC Health Advisor worked for me. Prior to purchasing and installing it, my Gateway laptop was plagued by crashes, error messages and slow internet surfing speed. Find out how much of a difference Pareto Logic PC Health Advisor made after I installed it and ran it. CLICK HERE to read about it.