How to Fix a Broken Ethernet Cable with Masking Tape – Free & Easy!

This is a video showing how I fixed my ethernet cable with masking tape. This is a quick and practically free repair if you just have some masking tape laying around. This way, you don’t have to buy a new ethernet cable every time that cheap plastic hook which is designed to hold it in place breaks off (this happened to me twice). Moreover, this fix is good for as long as you keep your cable plugged into your ethernet port. The more you unplug it, of course, the more the masking tape will wear off. However, replacing it is practically free, anyway.

How to Overcome Sexual Lust

How to Overcome Sexual LustThis hub is based on Job 31:1, where Job mentions his secret on how to overcome sexual lust. I expound on that and write about maintaining moral purity, detecting moral threats and how to deal with them, and staying focused on Jesus as keys to overcoming sexual lust. I also include some helpful scriptures at the close of the hub. Click on the blue link above or picture to the left to read it!
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The Eight Most Important Rules for Surviving in Prison

Are you or anyone you know facing a prison sentence? Or, are you fascinated with true stories about prison? If so, The Eight Most Important Rules for Surviving in Prison is for you! To read it, CLICK HERE. “Vote up” and share it if you like it.